The world is changing at an accelerated rate,  and kenspex exists to give your business a competitive advantage by staying relevant while increasing value, giving your brand an identity that is both adaptive and scalable in a highly evolving and competitive market-space. We help you reach your goals with our mix of Branding, Business Development and Marketing services.

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What We Do


Let's add some flavor to your Brand, convert experiences into memories and let engagement form relationships.

Logo Design, Brand Theme, Graphics, Websites, Print Media, Banners, Signage, Brochures & Catalogues, Packaging, Design, Promotional & Staff Merchandise, Decorative.

Don't spend all your money on the proposal, you will need some for the wedding. Make use of our innovative marketing strategies to increase your reach and improve your bottom-line.

Digital Advertising, Social Media, Email Campaign, Blogs, Search Engine Optimization, Storytelling, Affiliate, Influence, Public Relations, Print, Post, Event, Word of mouth, Viral, Trade-show,  B2B, Community.

From the inception of civilization, words have been the most powerful tool humanity has ever processed. And we are proud to have some of the best storytellers in the industry.

Web Content, Blogs, Reviews, Taglines, Articles, Speeches, Press release, Emails,  Social Media posts, Newsletters, Instructional, Research & Report, SEO content

the possibilities are endless...


Love is in the air!

Yes, we love you too much to leave you stranded, we will help you navigate your way through the ocean of possibilities and help you climb the mountain of success.

Business Coaching, Organizational Development, Software Development, Database Applications, System Integration, Finance System Development & Training

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